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CA:   0x19F91e564b3F99496E2b039A54bFce06799Fc937

Token Information

• Token Name: Degem

• Token Symbol: Degem 

• Total Supply: 80,085

• Buy Tax: 5

• Sell Tax: 5% 

• Max Wallet: 1% (800 tokens) 

• Blockchain: Ethereum 

• Token Type: ERC-20 

• LP status: Locked 

• Contract Status: Renounced

Token info


Welcome to the home of Degem.  Degem is set to takeover of the Ethereum blockchain and claim its rightful ownership as the Blockchain gem eater where holders can earn rewards through its P2E game.  Starting with its retro gem hunting game, Degem will evolve into much more than just a gaming platform. We will bring unique NFTs to our ecosystem that are earned or bought by holders of the Degem token. We will also be expanding our game selection with future wagering to come. Do you have what it takes to join Degem and become a gem hunter? 

Degem tokens are the key to all games in the Degem ecosystem, providing a way for gamers to participate in any of the games on the platform


The Degem play-to-earn rewards will be automated. Top ranking players of each game will be distributed rewards from the prize pool. This will be broken down into categories such as Top 3, Top 10 and so on. 


Degem token holders will also be able to participate in the governance of Degem, voting on proposals such as what the next game will be and how the prizes are delegated.



  • Launch Website

  • Gain 1k Telegram Members

  • Start development of first P2E game Gem Hunter 

  • CG and CMC Listings 

  • Gain 1000 Holders

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